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Marvel Strike Force

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Costumes Anchor
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UX wireframe for the costume select screen

UI asset creation

UI Skinning

Unity implementation

Texture Packer


Costume feature will allow players to visit iconic uniforms and apparel in the Marvel universe across many timelines and media. Some characters that currently have classic attire might get access to a more modern look, and vice versa. 

Costume Select Screen UX Variations

The goal was to create a screen that is interactive and brings excitement to players who love to collect costumes they own for each characters. Collected costumes are also displayed in this screen. 

Player's current character costume is available for preview and able to rotate by dragging your finger on the character. Players may select costumes appeared either in a format of 2D card or 3D model. Costume description is provided for each costumes. 


Costume UX Sketches

Various exploration sketches for the Costume Select screen. Exploring the layout of where costumes, description, and 3D model could live.


Costume Purchase  Modal

A popup modal which appears after you tap to purchase a costume from store.

3D model with the purchasable costume is displayed on the modal and able to rotate for full preview. 

From this modal, player may tap on purchase button if you have enough currency, or jump to the Costume Select screen by tapping on the "Costume" button.

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