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Marvel Strike Force

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Character ability Icon designs
Gear, currency, and misc icon creations
Art direction to outsourcing companies
Texture Packer

Character ability icon designs

Designed icons that represents each character's ability appeared in the combat.

Established a visual language that is categorized in Basic, Special, Ultimate, and Passive abilities for artists.

AbilityIcons copy.png

Resource icon creations

ResourceIcons copy.png

Currency icon exploration

Aiming for futuristic themed credit card designs which will be used as a currency in the game.Each currencies will share same shape language with currency symbols applied for distinction.

CurrencySketch copy.png

Costume feature currency exploration

In the Costume feature, a “dual currency” system is introduced: a short-term event currency that cashes out at the end of every event, and a long-term hard currency similar to hard currency which is converted from the short term currencies.

Rewards icon: this item is what players can collect in order to exchange for costume. It needed to show costume number and the character you are applying the costume.


ISO-8 Trait icons explorations and Miscellaneous UI icons

Creating a simple yet distinguishable icon representation of each ISO-8 traits, which aligns with the character traits.

Each traits were inspired from the respective character trait

  • Protectors protect their allies.

  • Controllers control the battlefield.

  • Support heals and provides positive effects.

  • Blasters and Brawlers do damage, but Brawlers will damage through close combat.

Misc UI Icons: Icons appearing throughout the game that represents a message in a simple, graphic form without explaining it.​

Combat Icons: Appears in the combat mode, a status icon that appears above the character when buff or debuff status is applied.

UI_Icons copy.png
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